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The procurement and distribution of consumables with volume is about to start, and the circulation o

Issuing time:2021-07-19 11:32

According to reports, recently, the Price Recruitment Department of the National Medical Insurance Administration held a symposium for pharmaceutical distribution companies. The meeting mainly discussed deepening the reform of centralized procurement of medicines and medical consumables, pharmaceutical circulation links, and supply guarantee capabilities. Chen Jinfu, deputy director of the National Medical Insurance Administration, emphasized at the meeting that it is necessary to fully understand the important role of distribution services in the reform of centralized procurement of medicines and medical consumables, in-depth study of the development trend of distribution services under the normal operation of centralized procurement, and give full play to distribution companies Comprehensive functions in the protection of pharmaceutical supply, optimize the combination of resources, timely study and solve the problems encountered in the reform, improve policies and measures, strengthen the integration of the reform system, and jointly promote the reform of centralized procurement of drugs and medical consumables.

Coincidentally, on April 29, the Shaanxi Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau issued a "Notice on Further Clarifying the Issues Concerning the Distribution of Medicines and Medical Consumables", which further clarified the distribution relationship of medical consumables of public medical institutions in the province and made corresponding corresponding measures. change.

  Industry insiders pointed out that from the recent developments of the national and local medical insurance bureaus, it can be seen that the post-collection distribution is also the focus of attention in the future. At a deeper level, the centralized procurement of consumables in the future will not only be a price competition, but also a competition of comprehensive strength such as distribution capabilities and product after-sales.

  Consumables centralized procurement accelerates

The mass procurement of medical consumables has been accelerated in all provinces and cities across the country since 2019. The implementation of centralized procurement policies and consumable price reductions across the country is the general trend. At present, most provinces and cities have launched pilots. With the continuous advancement of centralized procurement pilots, shortlisted varieties Constantly increasing, the centralized procurement rules continue to improve, and the coverage area continues to expand.

On November 5, 2020, the first round of national procurement of high-value consumables-centralized procurement of coronary stents was implemented in Tianjin. The highest drop was 96%, the average drop was 93%, and the average price dropped from 17,000 yuan to 700 yuan. The coronary stent, which once started at ten thousand yuan, has entered the "hundred-yuan era".

   Following the successful development of centralized procurement of coronary stents, the country has accelerated the exploration of centralized procurement in the field of high-value consumables. According to Xinhua News Agency, the second batch of national centralized procurement of high-value medical consumables has been brewing. At present, the war has spread to orthopedic joints. On April 16, the "National Organization for Procurement of Artificial Joint Medical Consumables (Draft for Comment)" came out. This also means that the national procurement of orthopedic artificial joint products is no longer available. far. Industry insiders predict that the high probability of joint reduction will also be more than 90%.

   From the perspective of the quantity purchased, high-value consumables are concentrated in the three major areas of cardiovascular intervention, orthopedics, and ophthalmology. Among them, coronary balloon, orthopedic consumables and intraocular lenses cover the widest area, and the decline is also obvious. The highest reduction rate of coronary balloon is as high as 96%, the average reduction rate of orthopedic consumables is 30%-80%, and the average reduction rate of intraocular lens is 20%-60%. Low-value consumables are mainly infusion sets and indwelling needles, with the highest drop rate as high as 94.34%. The procurement of low-value consumables is mostly based on prefecture-level alliances. With Hebei’s first centralized procurement at the provincial level, it has shown a trend of gradual expansion.

   On January 29, 2021, Chen Jinfu stated at the State Council's regular policy briefing that the procurement of medical consumables is a new area for the next round of reforms. In the future, we will still choose mature products, competitive products, and products with quality control, adopt a one-product-one-strategy approach, optimize campaign rules, and gradually expand in the field of medical consumables.

   In the context of mass procurement, the centralized procurement of medical consumables is accelerating. According to incomplete statistics, there have been more than 50 purchases of consumables and tapes nationwide in 2020. From the national level to the provincial alliances to the provincial and municipal levels, the purchase of consumables and tapes tends to be normalized. The entire consumables industry has undergone a major reshuffle. Consumables with serious homogeneity have entered the era of meager profit. More innovative products will become the point of force for machinery companies to seek market breakthroughs. Industry concentration will quickly move closer to leading companies with strong R&D capabilities and good corporate cost control.

   The battle for centralized procurement and distribution of consumables starts

  While the country, provinces and cities are in full swing, the distribution problem has also begun to receive attention. There is no doubt that after the collection, the corresponding winning bids have begun to concentrate and the problems encountered in the distribution of consumables have begun to surface one by one.

   For an enterprise, the centralized procurement and bidding is the first step, and the distribution of the selected products is even more important. According to industry insiders, due to the specifications and use of consumables, they cannot be as standardized and replaceable as medicines, and the relative distribution is more complicated. For example, orthopedic consumables have multiple components and kits, with complex specifications, relatively complex distribution, and higher logistics costs. Therefore, the requirements for enterprises are also higher. Even if some small and medium-sized enterprises have price advantages, it is difficult for them to quickly deliver components to the service network.

  Recalling the past procurement plans for consumables with quantity in various regions, the distribution capabilities are all within the scope of assessment. For example, in the centralized procurement of orthopedic joints in Qinghai, the comprehensive enterprise scale, product price quality, pre-sales and after-sales were scored in multiple dimensions, of which the delivery rate accounted for 15 points; in the centralized procurement of artificial crystals in Henan Province, the declared price was the same. 2019 Products with a large number of distributions on the Henan Province Pharmaceutical Purchasing Platform in the year were first selected, and in 2019, the Henan Province Pharmaceutical Purchasing Platform Medical Organizations were selected as the priority for products with high distribution coverage; in the centralized procurement of orthopedic consumables in Qiannan Prefecture, Guizhou Province The manufacturer has received three or more written complaints from medical institutions and canceled the qualification of the product to be sold in statewide public medical institutions due to quality problems or non-delivery, untimely delivery, or inadequate delivery of all bid-winning products of the manufacturer.

  In the future, with the deepening of centralized procurement and the improvement of rules, the requirements for distribution will be further improved. It can be said that the future competition in the field of medical consumables will not only be a price competition, but also a competition of comprehensive strength such as distribution capabilities and product after-sales. In this context, small and medium-sized enterprises can only accelerate their elimination. Companies with rich product lines, strong funds, and independent distribution service teams will be more competitive in centralized procurement and will eventually stand out in the battle of centralized procurement.

  Distribution service reshapes a new competitive landscape

   At present, the national centralized procurement of medicines and consumables is still proceeding step by step. With the official launch of the fifth batch of nationally organized drug collections, according to market expectations, the second batch of national centralized procurement of medical consumables will be organized next.

Industry insiders pointed out that ensuring the distribution of centralized procurement of medicines and consumables is an important requirement, which involves product safety and comprehensive cost issues. Through intensive procurement and intensive distribution, costs can be controlled to the greatest extent, and hospitals will also be avoided in the name of cost. Output profit. Compared with medicines, consumables are characterized by high frequency of use, large amount of use, and monopoly of high value-added varieties. Since doctors with the same medicinal effect can choose different medicines, but medical consumables are irreplaceable, some consumables with higher technical content have been monopolized by the market for a long time. On the one hand, they come from technology monopoly, and on the other hand, they are more from benefits. Hospitals often choose Higher-priced consumables.

  According to industry insiders, the focus of centralized procurement of consumables lies in the field of high-value consumables. It is necessary to break the profit chain and technical barriers, while avoiding the formation of larger-scale monopolies by leading companies through centralized procurement, so the progress of centralized procurement of consumables is relatively slow. This policy briefing also requires companies to further improve service links such as logistics and distribution while product development.

   In fact, as early as 2019, the procurement and distribution of hospital consumables and reagents attracted a large number of competition from pharmaceutical distribution companies in the form of packaging. In 2019, the "Announcement on the Selection of the Finalists for the 2019-2021 Medical Consumables Centralized Distribution Suppliers of the Second Hospital of Shandong University" showed that the hospital's medical consumables were packaged to 8 machine vendors, including Sinopharm and China Resources, with a contract time of 3 years; 2019 In January, Qingdao Women and Children's Hospital of Shandong Province, after the laboratory was packaged to Ceres and China Resources, the non-laboratory department (including the new screening laboratory, genetic laboratory, reproductive center laboratory, pathology department, blood transfusion department) reagent consumables It is also packaged for distribution to China Resources and Qingdao Ruiming Medical Device Consortium, with a service period of 5 years.

   In fact, not only the consumables of the top three hospitals, the second class hospitals and the township health centers are also centralized and distributed. This means that in the distribution of medical institutions at all levels, the circulation companies on the market will begin to seize the opportunity. However, it is not difficult to find from the requirements for registered capital, total sales, warehouse area, etc., in the selection criteria for distributors issued by various provinces, cities and regions. Bidding and winning bidders generally have the functions of intensive, large-scale, informatized, and standardized distribution. Provide hospitals with supply chain extension services, realize the data information management of products from production, purchase, distribution and use, and the delivery enterprise that can trace the whole process of product quality.

According to industry insiders, judging from the current national policy trends, the focus of the market in the past was on the scale and categories of centralized procurement across the country. From some recent policies, it can be seen that how to ensure the distribution and supply of products will also become centralized procurement. Focus on the direction of consideration.

At present, driven by policies such as the "two-invoice system" and national centralized procurement, the entire industrial ecology is undergoing rapid transformation, and channels and circulation links are also showing a new landscape. Large-scale circulation companies will have more strength and opportunities to take over hospitals. The right to purchase and distribute consumables means that the original small and medium-sized distribution enterprises may be on the verge of danger and elimination.

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